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Reseller Hosting with Domain Name Registration

 Wholesale web hosting and reseller domain name registrar account, complete with secure credit card and PayPal processing, profit reporting, includes hosting accounts and software extras, all for you and your business, whether you resell or not. 

Worldwide Web Domains & Networks

A great reseller hosting opportunity with live domain reseller registration support.

At W3DN, we know that 'online' means business and 'business online' is vital to any business from a large corporation to a single entrepreneur. That's why we seek the best partners to build the best networks and make the connections that drive business. That puts you in the driver's seat as an internet domain name registrar and an internet worldwide web business network hosting reseller.

We've created an opportunity for our domain reseller registrars and web hosting resellers to sell innovative, mission-critical solutions that offer businesses better availability, improved efficiency, and offer better controls for flexible, scalable systems that powers online business. These plans come complete with full-featured domain registrar capabilities including real-time domain name search, registration, transfer, and whois lookup functions.

Make Money Now, Resell Our Services & Expertise.

Resell domain registration, transfers & business network hosting services!

By reselling our services and equipment, you establish a relationship with the customer we can't, and together we become more than a network or just servers in racks, or a DIY design alternative. We back your play as a business partner, providing a complete reseller solution as a trusted provider of software solutions, online tools, and infrastructure solutions, backed by a solid 30-day satisfaction guarantee, with fast and friendly support, all powered by a monitored, secure and incredibly fast network.

Worldwide Web Domains & Networks Server Rack

Turnkey Domain Registrar & Hosting Reseller

With all the processing, tools, software and reporting you need to manage, market and grow your business.

Reseller Store

Customizable hosting and domain name reseller store with real-time registration, transfer and whois lookup.

Resell domain names, website builders, managed WordPress sites, hosting, virtual and dedicated servers, eCommerce shopping carts and SSL certificates, even email marketing and Merchant Accounts, all through your own turnkey reseller site store on our secure e-commerce ready systems that you can customize to your taste, or even build your own site.
Just add your info, select your products, set your prices, and start marketing.
As our domain reseller registrar and/or hosting reseller we set you up with the tools to succeed.
We can handle the tech support for you using a generic low key profile and acting as your call center, or you can take full control of that to ensure your own branding opportunity during support, as well.

Loaded with:

Bonus software and online tools for every reseller account worth over $500.00 USD.

Free with every reseller hosting and domain name registrar account:
Reseller hosting & domain registration site complete with credit card processing
Website Builder (w/hosting included)
Managed WordPress blog/site
Deluxe Hosting Plan
Search Engine Visibility online marketing & evaluation tool.
Express Email Marketing®
Secure SSL Certificate
Online File Storage
Deluxe Email Account
Reseller Handbook
Online Marketing Guide
24/7 Support for you and, optionally, for your customers!
30-day Money-Back Guarantee for you and your customers.
Online Sales and Activity Reporting
And more...

Reseller Hosting Plans

Full-featured plans that don't require you to setup a merchant account. 

Basic Reseller Hosting with Domain Reseller Registrar
Just $59.99/yr!
Competitive buy rates.
Example wholesale buy rates:
Domains: Just $9.59
Hosting: Just $3.35
Secure Certificates: $24.00
And more...​
Basic Reseller Hosting Plan

Pro Reseller Hosting with Domain Reseller Registrar
Only $159.99/yr!
Our best buy rates - get the most from your investment!
Example wholesale buy rates:
Domains: Just $8.29
Hosting: Just $3.15
Secure Certificates: $22.50
And more...
Pro Reseller Hosting Plan

Create, enhance and grow your own awesome ultra fast high demand business network.

Reseller Hosting Account Features

Customizable web hosting store with live domain name registration, payment processing, bonus software and more...

Sell as many products as you want (we currently have about 400 generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) name extensions available for sale to the public).

You can even sell to yourself, friends, family and your business at cost, you decide who buys at wholesale.

That includes all of our products and services, domains, hosting, servers, Managed WordPress, anti-virus business email accounts, SSL certificates, Quick Shopping Cart,  everything we offer!

No deposits, advances or revenue sharing. You select the products for your catalog, you decide your profits and set your prices.

Features a pre-built, fully customizable, payment processing enabled website, hosted securely in our world-class NOC (Network Operations Center).

We handle billing, the back office work and, at your option, the customer support - you work your marketing magic daily, then sit back and wait for your commission payout!

Quite honestly, this program is not just for resellers, as many businesses and entrepreneurs save thousands by signing up with us and managing large domain &/or hosting portfolios for themselves using our reseller account, without actually selling anything besides to themselves, their business, or clientele.

We Do All of the Payment Processing, Back Office Work & Reporting For You

A complete turnkey, no inventory, business solution with support
We take excellent care of the equipment, secure the NOC (Network Operations Center), keep the hardware and software up-to-date, develop new products, process the orders, offer online reporting, support you as well as your customers if you choose to let us, while you market the products and maintain your tax info.
Your greatest struggle will probably be doing your taxes, but we provide the reporting so it won't be an issue. 
You could do this all online, after all, it's a no-inventory business. But we do recommend that you meet with as many potential customers and clients in-person and deliver that personal handshake, especially when getting started.

Knowledge Center

Use your own Knowledge Center to support your customers, or call us anytime 24/7 
  • Find your own "How to Be a Reseller" and Reseller's Getting Started Guide within your account once you sign-up, login, and access your Reseller Control Panel.
  • Visit your own Knowledge Center to access FAQs & support articles, or send a support ticket.  Resellers also have email access to reseller support.
  • Your customers have access to the FAQs, support articles and even the online support ticket system unless you decide to handle support for them.
  • Our call center is available to support you, and your customers if you should so choose, 24 hours per day, every day, all year long (with no time off for holidays). 

Growing Professional Partnerships

W3 Domains & Networks is in the business of dealing with web professionals in a professional manner. If you are designing websites, you don't have to offer our affordable DIY Website Builder, or our Managed WordPress for that matter (though that works well, keeping the software updated). If you are offering hosting on your own servers, you can just offer domain name registrations, transfers and/or SSL security encryption certificates to expand your business reach with new and exciting offers tailored for your business. Marketers don't have to carry any of our marketing programs. The same goes for all online professionals, the only three products that we require our resellers to carry, are the gTLDs .com, .net & .org.

You do not even specifically have to sell, though you will be fully equipped to do so as a reselling domain name registrar and web host (if you choose to carry our reseller hosting). Some of our reselling registrars are professional webmasters that simply use one of our reseller programs to save big money on domains, hosting, network tools & software themselves. Just look at what is included with each paid reseller account, a free domain registrar reseller hosting account (with credit card processing included), a free Website Builder (with hosting included), a free Managed WordPress account (with blog/site hosting), a free Linux or Windows powered web hosting account, free business class email account, the best domain name manager in the business, a free search engine visibility account, free SSL encryption security certificate to secure your site, free online storage, a free SiteLock (to protect against hackers & malware), and even free email marketing. We know this is an opportunity that is hard to pass up even if you won't resell.

But, get this, there's even more. You even get advertising dollars to help kick-start your business with Google AdWords and others. With our reseller hosting, you can take full advantage of these to jump-start your marketing efforts and quickly start your customer base. Check out our "How to Be a Reseller" guide for even more ideas.

We have been spending considerable time building our network, and that network includes our partnerships with some major players in the industry. We hope to include you in that category, as well. We will certainly give you the tools to accomplish your goals.

A Great Reseller Opportunity

A W3 Domains & Networks reseller account also allows you to setup...

  • Commission Reporting
  • Friends/Family/Business discounts (sell to specific individuals at cost).
  • Coupon Generator - for those that require it. However, care is required so that you will not sell at a loss.
  • Marketing materials.
  • Upload your own banners for your online advertising promotions.

There's no reason to kid you, if you are going to resell professionally, it does require work, but if you are good with people, and/or social networks, you shouldn't have much of a problem as long as you are willing to work towards your goals.

No one should do this if they aren't willing to work at it at least a couple hours a day or more. Even more, when you are just setting up and getting started, of course.

No Inventory - No Worries

We can't pretend that there won't be challenges, but our reseller support team is available 24/7, every day, all year long, by telephone, email or online support ticket through your own store for our resellers, and via telephone or online support ticket for your customers and clientele.  

You really will need a domain name to make this work, but you can sell yourself a domain name at cost, of course. Or use one you already have, especially if you have a good brand going.

Many of our resellers are web designers, developers, search optimization pros or online marketers that need a good solution which will blend in well with their current offerings as well without competing with them. Some of our resellers are already web hosts, but add our registration services so that they can incorporate domain name registration. This expands their service and product line, enhancing their company reach and their brand visibility.

As a reselling domain name registrar and host, you get to decide which products to carry so that they won't interfere with their own. You set your store brand colors and use your own logo.

When you sign-up, your included freebies will allow you to grow your online store presence easily. After setting up your own custom store with your own preferences, adding the products you want to carry and setting their prices, you can use our free Managed WordPress account to introduce the world to your services with a blog site, use our free Website Builder to easily and quickly set up a professional looking site to draw people in and sell your wares and our products & software (or vice versa), and use the free deluxe web hosting plan to do something elaborate, if you want, where you can set up specialized application scripts for whatever you require.

Use the SSL security certificate to secure your site with encryption so that your main site remains safe and secure. Use the free Site Lock to keep it safe from hackers and malware.  

Optimize your visibility in the search engines with yet another freebie. You can use your bonus Google credits to start advertising through AdWords. There may be other advertising dollars available, as well. And keep your customers up-to-date with our free Email Marketing program.

All this, with no inventory to track, and we report the profits to you whenever you want via your control panel.

Reseller Web Hosting with Live Domain Name Reseller Registration/Transfers/Lookup

What's in your plan, at a glance...

Basic Reseller Plan

Competitive Buy Rates
$ 59.99/yr.

Over $500 worth of bonus software & reseller extras
24/7 support call center for you and your customers
Built-in payment processing
Complete traffic analysis and reporting
Advertising campaign tracking
Free bonus software and extras
  • Customizable Reseller Store
  • Deluxe Business Web Hosting Plan
  • Website Builder with Hosting
  • Managed WordPress with Hosting
  • SSL Security Certificate (& more...)

Pro Reseller Plan

The Best Buy Rates in the Industry!
$ 159.99/yr.
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad income on parked domains
Over $500 worth of bonus software & reseller extras
24/7 support call center for you and your customers
Built-in payment processing
Complete traffic analysis and reporting
Advertising campaign tracking
Free bonus software and extras
  • Customizable Reseller Store
  • Deluxe Business Web Hosting Plan
  • Website Builder with Hosting
  • Managed WordPress with Hosting
  • SSL Security Certificate (& more...)


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