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W3DN started out as W3 Domain Names, and we still use that moniker for our domain name reseller programs. 

About Us at W3DN

W3 Domains & Networks is an extension business of Symbiotic Design.  Our mission, at W3DN, is to empower our Resellers with the opportunities to succeed in all their online endeavors by allowing them the option to partner with us for live domain name sales, transfers, whois lookups and hosting.  Although always marketed to pros, we are here for all and will support anyone willing to put in the effort with their valuable time by working the marketing aspect of our business.

We want to Give You the Opportunity for Your Business to Thrive 

Although our plans are the perfect complement for online business professionals to enhance and expand their current online business and offers, they are setup to empower and enable even the beginning Entrepreneur with support to help him or her setup their own new online business networking services webstore.

Welcome to W3 Domains & Networking (

The "W3" in our name stands for the WWW in "WorldWide Web", which is a common acronym in the industry, taken from the authority that oversees the code (HTML & CSS) that enables the web, the W3C (, originally known as the Worldwide Web Consortium.

We are also marketed as W3 Domain Names, because when we started out, that was our focus. Since then we have expanded our networks, our capabilities and our partnerships. It is likely that because we seek to strengthen and expand our partnerships further with more quality resellers that you may have found us. This could be lucrative for the both of us.

Thank you for visiting our website and checking out our network. W3 Domains & Networks offers turnkey reseller domain name registrars, web hosts, and web software stores. Our resellers may select the products they chose to offer (just Domains or just web hosting, etc.). Additionally, they may feature additional software products and services such as SSL security certificates, shopping carts, merchant accounts, search engine optimization, site builders and other website tools, according to their needs.

How Our Reseller Program Works

W3 Domains & Networks (W3DN) is a client focused and customer oriented service business. We never represent ourselves to your customers as anything but your employees. We operate anonymously in the background and users will never know that you are reselling our services.

W3 Domain Names is an extension of our success operating Domain Hostmaster, which we have been operating since January of 2003. Domain Hostmaster is an expansion division of Symbiotic Design, a leading authority on identity, branding and image presence which has been in business since May, 1997.

We only require that a W3DN Reseller carry 3 specific products in their catalog, the traditional .com, .net & .org gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) name extensions. That said, there are around 400 gTLD name registries offering different name extensions in our catalog. This does not include the ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) name extensions, many of which we also carry and can be available in your catalog if you so choose.

A Rebranded Custom Webstore Solution

As a W3 Domains & Networks Reseller, you administer your own online rebranded reseller store while we remain anonymous in the background. Configure your webstore with your brand identity and personal touches using your logo and customize your turnkey reseller site. Select the products you want to offer, set the prices, and configure the tech support options. 

For tech support, you as the Reseller decide whether to have us provide technical support directly to your customer as if we work for you, or you may chose to provide your customers tech support yourself, using the W3 Domains & Networks call center (which operates as a generic support agency) to back you up with answers and solutions.

Reseller Benefits

You and your customers will enjoy real time domain name registration, transfers, hosting and WhoIs domain lookup facilities, as well as our webmaster tools software catalog, a generous and extensive catalog from which to choose to resell vital business networking products and services.

Our Resellers can additionally sell themselves and their select customers all of our products and services at cost using the customer discount option. W3DN Reseller plans are even backed with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

W3DN also offers the best administration and management tools in the business for you and your customers to manage domains, hosting, software and services. 

Many of our products are available for our resellers to use to their advantage, as well. Please see the list of included reseller extras for more info on these packages.

Protect Your Brand

As a domain name company, we believe in protecting our brand and name (as any serious business should). Therefore, you may access the W3 Domain Names (aka W3 Domains & Networks) website through any of the following Domains:

Each of the above domains will direct you through to our secure domain registrar server at:

Why Resell Domains and/or Hosting through W3DN?

The necessity to protect branding is what makes our turnkey domain and hosting network reseller sites shine. Not only are our reseller store sites great to expand the business reach of domain professionals, including web hosts, website designers, site developers and SEO pros, but also for businesses that are serious about protecting their brand. A W3 Domains & Networks instant reseller site allows any business that is serious about protecting its brand name to do so at cost without spending the small fortune some other registrars bilk out of these vital internet services for business and entrepreneurs.

Our wholesale discount pricing allows our resellers to register each TLD (Top Level Domain) name extension (.com, .net, .org, .us,, .de, .info, .biz, .me, etc...) at cost, as well add any misspelling and/or misinterpretation of the name, affordably. Resellers simply sell to themselves after activating the customer discount feature for themselves (or any active customer). Account sign-up is even free. The savings on selling yourself or your business our excellent web hosting packages at the discounted buy rate price should recover your investment in the turnkey reseller program each year.


We utilize some of the fastest, most secure Network Operations Centers (NOCs) on the North American, European and Asian continents. These world-class facilities utilize the best-of-breed servers and networking equipment in the world. The hardware and software are constantly being upgraded in order to keep up with the fast pace of constantly evolving modern technologies. We support Linux, Apache, Windows, IIS, PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, SQL and more.  

Our hosting plans offer instant setup of many popular web applications to get even someone new started easily without many limits. Other hosted plans such as Managed WordPress and Website Builder include the same reliable hosting and easy customization. For an enterpise that requires even more control, we have complete server packages. Software and tools such as SSL encryption, SiteLock and Anti-Virus Email scanning is also available.

Contact Us

We welcome you to contact W3 Domains and Networks at any time regarding your experience at our site. If you have any questions, please contact us via our online contact form, or through one of the given numbers or addresses below. Additional contact information is provided in the support section.

A Business Proposal

Check out our products and services. If you don't think we can deliver the domains, hosting, products, servers, delivery speed, NOC or security you require after using our services for a few weeks, we will be happy to refund your investment within 30 days. Don't need to partner-up with us to verify our services? You can sample our work in action at Domain Hostmaster without having to setup a reseller site.

Questions? Contact us to setup an appointment at (605) 951-9060 (10 am to 7 pm)

M-F 10 am - 7 pm Central.. Office: +1.605.251.8973 - Reseller Sales: +1.605.923.8988

24 hours/day, every day.. Reseller Support: +1.480.505.8822 - Customer Support Call Center: +1.480.624.2500

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