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Worldwide Web Domains & Networks gives credit where credit is due.. Website Credits

Although we are among the most complete and competitive Reseller programs available, our real strength is in the support of our customers. This directory offers a wide variety of valuable resources and freebies that you may consider using to enhance your business, whether you use your webstore to resell or not.

  • Web Design and Development group (WDaDg)
    We need to thank our favorite community of online professionals. The WDaDg has groups available on Google Groups, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter (see the WDaDg site for specific details), and these designers, developers, webmasters, marketers, search optimizers and social marketing gurus have helped us out of more than a few jams.
  • Doug Peters
    For designing a number of our graphics, icons, favicon, promotional banners, our logo Trademarks and our other brand marks.
  • Salamander Design
    Salamander redesigned as a mobile-first, responsive design capable for viewing on a multitude of platforms (smart phones, tablets and computers on a variety of operating systems) by Salamander using the WYSIWYG website builder Mobirise (next listing)...
  • Mobirise - Free Website Builder
    This entirely free DIY mobile-ready website design program (with added paid extensions such as the HTML Editor and Icon plug-ins) made the transition from the DIY Website Builder relatively easy.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
    Version CS3 as used for individual sections of code (the list on the Reseller Extras page and both Reseller plan comparison charts at Basic Reseller & Pro Reseller), such as the plan comparison table on the plan plages, when it was easier or otherwise a more appropriate tool for coding.
  • NoteTab Pro
    Primarily for notes, and some code snippets (such as copying over and saving my Google Analytics code).
  • Adobe Photoshop
    Version CS3 as used to create or composite most all of the graphics and icons.
    Proved to be a valuable resource for finding freely available Creative Commons (CC0) licensed photos and images that allow commercial use and derivative works so that certain images and icons could be composited and used on the website.

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