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Pro Reseller Hosting Account with Live Domain Name Registration, Transfers & WhoIs Lookup

Professional reseller hosting plan - Competitive wholesale web hosting plan with reseller domain name registrar account, secure credit card processing and reporting, including hosting accounts and software extras, for you and your business, whether you resell or not. 

Pro Reseller Hosting Plan

Build your own brand and successful online business. We provide you with everything you need: products, support, even a professional web site completely setup for processing the orders. With our turnkey setup, your site is online from the moment you sign up and setup your storefront.

With the Pro Reseller Plan you can:

  • Build your own product mix, tailored to your brand and even enhance your current business. Choose from Domains‡, Hosting, Business Email, Website Builder, Managed WordPress, Virtual and Dedicated Servers, SSL Security Certificates, Express Email Marketing and much more (view our product catalog).
  • Set the retail pricing you want. There are no deposits, minimum sales or advance purchases required.
  • Customize your website with your own logo and images, set the colors, theme and more. Or simply choose one of six ready-made configurations.

Pro Reseller Plan: Just $159.99/year!

Includes many other free tools and products.

W3DN Domains & Hosting Reseller Reseller Plans Comparison
Products Available & Plan Features Basic Reseller   |   Pro Reseller
The best  buy rates in the industry. √ Yes
Earn Pay-Per-Click advert commission on customers' parked domains. √ Yes
24/7 support for you and your customers (if you choose it). √ Yes √ Yes
Complete traffic analysis and reporting. √ Yes √ Yes
Email Marketing and Press Release templates. √ Yes √ Yes
Reseller forum, blog, podcast and live chat. √ Yes √ Yes
Automated billing and renewals. √ Yes √ Yes
Turnkey website with shopping cart and credit card processing. √ Yes √ Yes
Advertising campaign tracking built in. √ Yes √ Yes
Free bonus software and reseller extras (over $500 value). √ Yes √ Yes



‡ Resellers must include a minimum domain offering of .COM, .NET & .ORG.

** Plan features and pricing as of 02/14/2017.

1 Some buy rates available with special opt-in promotions only.

Reseller Store 

Check out a Reseller Sample Store site....

Reseller Store Sample
  • Brand your reseller store with your own logo (sample store above shown with no header or footer logos/banners).
  • Choose your own custom colors for borders, titles, text and links to complement your brand.
  • Preview each change every step of the way!
  • No initial buy-in, deposit or minimum sales quota.
  • Full 24/7 support for you, and for your customers at your option.
  • Set up your own credit card processing domain name registration & hosting reseller site in minutes.
  • You decide what products to offer, set the prices (your profit) and then check what the site will look like.
  • We do recommend purchasing a domain name (as little as $10.00/yr or less) to help brand your store.
  • As soon as the site is published, you're up and running in almost no time at all.
  • Once published, you can start giving out the URL, promoting and marketing the site.
  • No inventory to track, just use your social marketing skills and stay focused on your results.

Don't miss out! Start making money as a Reseller and keep making residual income years into the future.

Check out our W3 Domain Names & Hosting Reseller Product Catalog Tour.

Why Wait?

Get started now for just $159.99/year!

Or check out the Basic Reseller Plan...

Questions? Contact us to setup an appointment at (605) 951-9060 (10 am to 7 pm)

Create, enhance and grow your own awesome ultra-fast, high-demand business network.

Domains & Hosting Pro Reseller Overview

Don't think you can make any money? Think again!

  • The best buy rates
  • Huge assortment of profit-worthy products such as over 500 TLD domain name extensions, hosting, servers & ecommerce software
  • Credit card processing and shopping cart
  • Surefire marketing promotions
  • Online coupon generator
  • Wholesale cost discount tool for you & selected customers
  • Free monthly Reseller newsletter
  • No deposit, no advance purchase and no minimum sales required!
  • Complete customer billing and renewal services included
  • Automatic renewal processing available for all
  • Domain locking to prevent name theft
  • SiteLock to prevent website malware
  • Built-in domain search technology for live registration and transfers
  • Online profit and activity reporting
  • Pro Resellers make PPC ad commissions from parked domain names.
  • Support is available 24 hours per day, everyday
  • Free Reseller Bonus Products & Software
  • And much, much more!

Incredible Value

Here are just some of the free extras (over a $500* value) you get when you sign up to become a W3 Domains & Networks Reseller:

  • Reseller Web site, including shopping cart and credit card processing.
  • 24/7 support for your customers.
  • Customer billing and renewals.
  • How to be a Reseller ebook, written by one of our top W3 Domain Names & Hosting Resellers.
  • Tools you can use to create a custom web site for your store.
  • A deluxe shared web hosting account, Website Builder and Managed WordPress accounts.
  • An SSL Certificate reassures your customers that your storefront is secure.
  • Search Engine Visibility shows you how to submit your site to popular search engines.
  • Express Email Marketing® comes with templates to help you market to your customers.
  • Online Storage gives you anytime-anywhere access to all your files.
  • See all of the Reseller Bonus Products & Software.
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

Wholesale Worldwide Web Domain Names Registrar and Reseller Hosting Accounts

Customizable web hosting store with live domain name registration, payment processing, bonus software and more...

The opportunity to make money online with residual payments for providing excellent best-of-breed business networking services using our world-class NOC (Network Operations Center) is there, though you do not have to take advantage of it.  Many online pros, such as Domainers (name & brand speculators), Web Designers, App & Site Developers, Copy Writers, Search Optimizers, Online Marketers and Webmasters take advantage of our programs themselves, without ever reselling at all. That option is yours.

We do our part by taking excellent care of the equipment, secure the NOC, monitor and maintain the web servers, keep the hardware and software up-to-date, develop new products, process your orders, offering you up-to-date online reporting, support you as well as your customers (as a generic customer support call center, if you choose to let us), while you market the products and maintain your tax info.

Your greatest struggle will probably be doing your taxes, but we provide the reporting so it shouldn't be an issue. 

For those who will resell, you could conduct all your sales as an online operation, after all, it's a no-inventory business. But we do recommend that you meet with as many potential customers and clients in-person and deliver that personal handshake, especially when getting started. Nothing beats that local personal touch.

A Business Proposal

Check out our services. If you don't think we can deliver the domains, hosting, products, servers, delivery speed, NOC or security you require after using our services for a few weeks, we will be happy to refund your investment within 30 days. Don't need to partner-up with us to verify our services? You can sample our work in action at Domain Hostmaster without having to setup a reseller site.

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