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Recommended Resources & Freebies to Assist with Your Business

Worldwide Web Domains & Networks (aka W3 Domain Names) recommends the following resources and freebies.. 

W3DN Resources Directory

Although we are among the most complete and competitive Reseller programs available, our real strength is in the support of our customers. This directory offers a wide variety of valuable resources and freebies that you may consider using to enhance your business, whether you use your webstore to resell or not.

  • Domain Hostmaster
    Our own working online store is just one example of what your own customizable reseller webstore can do.
  • Mobirise - Free DIY Website Builder
    This free WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") drap and drop website builder platform offers 'mobile first' responsive website designs based on the mobile-ready, view anywhere, optimized Bootstrap framework.
  • KompoZer - Free WYSIWYG Site Builder; HTML & CSS Code Editor
    In the event that you know how to code, this freeware WYSIWYG website builder doubles as a code editor, offering you professional control over your site rivaling such programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • Web Design and Development group (WDaDg)
    If you need assistance with your website design, you can ask a community of pros. The WDaDg has groups available on Google Groups, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter (see the WDaDg site for specific details).
  • Salamander Design
    In the event that you would rather not fret and have a professional design your brand, website and/or marketing materials for you to save yourself some time, allowing you to concentrate on the nitty-gritty of the business at hand, Salamander designed this website and logos.
  • Font-Journal
    A great resource for freeware and shareware PC TTF & OTF fonts, many commercial use OK (check each license), many available to use as webfonts (again, check each individual license) or as inspiration for logos.
  • FontLab
    Advanced font creation and editing software studio suite.
  • Pixabay
    Large repository of freely available public domain (Creative Commons 0 licensed) photos, graphic images, and cartoons that are OK to use for derivative works as well as for commercial use.
  • Filter Forge
    Photoshop plugin to create your own seamless repeating tile image banner backgrounds, full backdrops, logos, image effects and filters.
  • Glossary Index
    Quick online dictionary word look-up tool helps you with correct spelling.
  • HTML Character Code
    Handy chart to lookup special character codes for use in HTML documents.
  • phpinfo File
    Easily use your website's php capabilities to return your website configuration info so that you don't have to hang on the phone waiting for tech support just to see if an web application script is compatible with your web hosting plan.
  • Faviconvert
    Add that finishing touch to your website by converting a square logo, image or photo into a favicon for your site to complete your branding.
  • MetaTag SEO
    How to use Meta Tags for search enhancement and site optimization.
  • Web SEO
    Professional website search engine optimization software by Web CEO.
  • Robots File
    Direct web crawler traffic to speed-up and optimize spider bot visits and thereby reduce server load.
  • Webmastery
    Webmaster tools, info and resources.
  • Hyperlink Directory
    Premium human reviewed and hand edited web directory. Free reciprocal and modestly priced featured non-reciprocal listings.
  • DirJournal Web Directory
    Another prominent web directory to list your business website and services.
  • Add URL Engine
    Add your URL to a number of search engines and directories to promote your site. 
  • Filezilla
    Capable free FTP (File Transfer Protocol) project software application.
  • Foo Site
    An example of our Managed WordPress site (promotes our Domain Hostmaster webstore).
  • Digital Goods Shopping Cart
    To add digital good sales capabilities for you and/or your customers (a CMS for selling photos, graphics, fonts, website templates, software and other digital products that can be delivered electronically).
  • Freedom Voice
    Toll-free & vanity numbers starting for your business at less than $10/month.

Capable Text & Code Editors:

  • NoteTab
    This great little straight-forward text and code editor comes in Pro, Standard and even a free Light version. The Pro and Standard versions even have trial software versions so that you can try before you buy, or let the trial revert to the free Light version.
  • Top Style
    This professional CSS code editor also has a free lite version (Top Style Lite).
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
    The standard by which all other web design builders and code editors measure themselves against. A free 30-day trial software package download is available so that you can make sure that you can use the software before purchasing.  An online subsciption to Dreameaver in Adobe Creative Cloud is also available and keeps your software package up-to-date.

Photo and Image Editors:

  • Adobe Photoshop
    Look no further, there just isn't anything else that compares (not yet). Try the Creative Cloud version (subscription based) and stay up-to-date, or get the software. A free 30-day trial version of the software is available for download at Adobe, as well. 

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