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W3DN Cookies Policy

Worldwide Web Domains & Networks (aka W3 Domain Names) cookies policy statement.. 

The Use of Cookies at W3DN

Because the use of cookies has become a concern for worldwide web users on a global scale, we have decided to address that issue here.  More details can be found concerning our use of cookies in our Legal Agreements documentation.

What Cookies Are

The term 'cookies' refers to small data packets that are saved to a W3DN website visitor's computer to enhance his or her experience using any one of our websites, including our shopping cart and various subdomains.

How does the Cookie Data Packet Enhance a User's Experience?

Cookies anonymously track your visit throughout our websites, enabling us to recognize you for return visits and tailor information based on your requirements or requests.

How Anonymous Is a Cookie if it Tracks My Visit?

Cookies are assigned an anonymous ID that is randomly generated and saves this info to your computer so that we can identify you as a return visitor, remember what is in your shopping cart, or tailor member pages for you (such as remembering your name when you register with us).

When does W3DN use Cookies?

If you do not sign-up with us for an account, become a customer of W3 Domans & Networks, sign-up for our newsletter, or contact us, only anonymous information is retained, such as your browser agent information, browser version number, IP address used, your referral URL, your exit URL, and possibly the length of your visit (if identifiable). Most of this information is also reproduced in any standard website server statistics log, as well.

However, cookies are employed in order to speed-up membership and sign-up data, or anytime we should recognize a user (including visitors).

Are Cookies Required to Access, or W3DN Services?

You may turn-off cookies in your browser's security or privacy settings. Doing so will limit our ability to enhance your user experience, but no identifying information will be saved. If you sign-up for any personalized services, we will try to use URLs to track your path throughout important sections of our website (such as when using our shopping cart) each time you visit. However, we do not recommend doing so, as disabling cookies may have unintended results.

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